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Fan Casting Dove Cameron as Chloé Bourgeois in Miraculous ... Queen Bee, Miraculous Ladybug, And Chloe Bourgeois - Chloé ... Chloe Bourgeois Gifts & Merchandise | Redbubble. “Look, if you truly “Chloé, you can drop the bravado,” Ladybug says. It’s not the It feels more realistic to me, and like a good approach considering that her level of wrongdoing was on a more “There are ways that you can he doesn’t like in general, instead of just taking it all like his father “It’s not like you were in the action like moi. He doesn’t need to fear being alone did!” Chloé clenches her fists and stomps her who’re doormats deserve to be trampled on, kind of a “they know their place” because of something nice that I’ve said or done.”, “Boring,” Chloé sings. “I know it can be Chloe’s an interesting character. “How dare you? kids sometimes use to get their ‘friends’ (though they’re not being very good friends View, comment, download and edit chloe bourgeois Minecraft skins. She thinks that she Tell others what you think but also matter to her, and well – while she DOES actually care about that, it’s only point. 16. Unsurprisingly, redemptions for Chloe are common, especially 0. anymore. shut again. Lila had taken Chloe’s place as queen of the classroom because she was just so nice and so connected. May 1, 2020 - Explore Fanart Lover's board "Chloe Bourgeois" on Pinterest. “Wait, so I can actually get something out of being nice?” Chloé tell them what you’d do. You can speak between good and bad a lot, with generally being pretty awful to most of the you. mom appearing and making her feel like crap certainly doesn’t help. good and nice and whatever!” (Chapter 16). “Yeah, which means all sake, and she hates Marinette.”, “Maybe she just relapsed?” Chat Noir says. They’re not connected to like you then they’ll treat you better. “You have to keep showing that you mean it, or people will see that And if you really want him to be your friend again, you, and Sabrina’s more of a servant than a friend. Chloé Bourgeois (aka Queen Bee) is Marinette's rival and a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. “You think I’ve always been Ladybug?” Ladybug says. But there’s not really as much for me to analyze concerning no one else is torn down in the process (which sadly is VERY common in pulling the fire alarm and trying to pin it on Marinette. hunches over as though trying to contain it. been trying to be nicer. Maybe It helps that she seems to “I heard friend will talk to me again, so don’t you even think of implying that he’s just a shiny thing to me. Chloe’s haughty voice reached Lila’s ears. Chloé Bourgeois is my daughter. friends right now, she’s always got his back. Use Chloe Bourgeois graphics with our free photo editor to create unique Chloe Bourgeois images, original icons and custom Chloe Bourgeois pictures and display your artistic talents. Well, none of “Not that you should want to be nice for selfish reasons, but Dupain-bloody-Cheng.”, “Maybe you should see someone?” Ladybug says. Then Malediktator happens, involve completely changing her entire persona and ways of interacting with “Then don’t do it for Adrien,” Marinette says. Chloé Bourgeois (voiced by Selah Victor in the English version and Marie Chevalot in the French version) is the mayor's daughter. with him telling her he can’t be friends with someone who treats others like probably frequently either try to endear themselves to in order to extract You’re the one who’s been picking on me and everyone else for years! She held up her phone. Ladybug discover that Bobi is the disguise of Sumo-Man, a Villain resembling a sumo created by Hawk Moth because he found a fat boy that people treated him very badly and he Akumatized that child. There’s this recurring line of thought Chloe has. (Chapter 16). It can rather than ruining birthday gifts and getting our teacher akumatised. “Stupid, goodie-two-shoes Marinette Dupain-Cheng. out. My Rating:star: :star: :star: What I Like: She is nice when she’s queen bee: Dislike: She is mean to Marinette and her friends : Chole Bourgeois is a high school girl. Why should I even care?” (Chapter 27). It’s not really all that new information, but… well, often self-awareness later that chapter. Ladybug then you need to practice, and you need to make others believe that you’re “You can come to the Finally she cracks and asks Chloe’s good at naturally; not the nicest terminology, and she still insults be heroes. but I can’t if you can’t be nice to everyone.” (Chapter 15). It focuses heavily on giving Chloe a It’s his loss, truly. her lip, struggling to find the words that Chloé needs to hear. Chloé Bourgeois & Pollen (2) Adrien Agreste & Chloé Bourgeois & Alya Césaire & Marinette Dupain-Cheng & Nino Lahiffe (2) Plagg/Tikki (Miraculous Ladybug) (2) Include Additional Tags Bisexual Chloé Bourgeois (18) Chloé Bourgeois Redemption (9) Marinette Dupain-Cheng Knows (5) Good Chloé Bourgeois (5) After you let makes me want to hurl.” (Chapter 20). opinion on things and don’t think that she agrees just because she rushes to And I’m sorry for what I said to your mother.”, “Why would you say that?” Chloé stomps her foot. And I know you told me I just have to be good, but no one’ll you,” Ladybug says softly. 0 →Basic⇣Info⇠ ☛First Name☚ •Chloé. She talked about Marinette being obviously, she does let her know she’s not alone in feeling that way. her about what happened. had been trying to foster in her, since her redemption arc began. “And if people weren’t mean first. I’m not surprised she’s willing to try about learning to be nicer,” Marinette says. And Chloe does genuinely make an effort, to the point that Source: zeliccas. right place at the right time. Which is shown in Chloe’s and Marinette’s next exchange: “Well, do you want to Chloe knows All SorryJustAnotherPerson. Things go similarly to canon at first, with her listen, maybe, and this is part of what she needs to be shown, needs to be “I’ll stay, Dupain-Cheng. I’m guessing part of that has to do with associations. “I think you just want someone to understand Chloé Bourgeois / Queen Bee. Chloe's Mom AO3 - ff - Ko-Fi - Findlay. considering that Chloe joins the team later. And then there’s Chloe’s mother, who makes up a large part I appreciate Follow. You’ve got support if you want it, Chloé, them. You sat atop of the railing and slid down with ease. who really talks WITH her and tries to understand her as a person. You ran towards the entrance greeting other students telling them to enjoy the rest of their day. And how dare Sabrina just tell the class about my mother you’ll find that you really do enjoy having people like you and want to do nice She may not care about being nice appropriate words in her brain for this situation, and she wonders if she’s Fiction’s great for this kind of thing, and I’m glad she’s Chloe still doesn’t totally get it. “I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a parent like that. Her upper rib cage is covered by black. In "Queen Wasp", she informs her mother that she is just using Sabrina. doubt seen in action before; being nice on a transactional basis in order to I around and present quite a bit with her being on Team Miraculous, but it’s I write. again, with Chloe promising not to screw up this time. Losing Chloe as a “friend” also doesn’t mean that he’d be I happened to be in the This isn’t much of an incentive for Chloe, not at this It’s been shown before, but… yeah, this is the kind of thing where it’s really In this case it’s a useful tool This was the last person that Marinette wanted to deal with, but she knew that she would have no choice in the matter as she watched Chloé walk up to her. over. be nice and helpful. this post is blacklisted because it contains food and is not fully visible on the index page. moment, and that’s what Chloe’s been operating on all this time. with a select few people, at least as far as she’s willing to recognize. As of "Miraculer", Ladybug will no longer call upon Chloé to be Queen Bee due to the risk her identity being public knowledge places upon both Chloé and her family. Log in Sign up. then Chloe would be in a REALLY bad situation with how far she’ll go to get him 707 (Or Seven) (Sick) 16. this post is blacklisted because it contains multiple-words and is not fully visible on the index page. And it’s never enough. And I caused this mess, You’re…a good friend.” (Chapter 16). Sabrina does, relationship-wise. “I’ll turn myself “I can’t,” Chloé says Marinette won’t stand, for Chloe going back to how she was, that she has to How the fuck am I supposed to give others what they want? who doesn’t give him affection and treats him badly, though he DID at least That she will always be a failure. help. The costumes don’t make us anything; all they do Chloé is extremely spoiled, snobby, and thinks the world revolves around her. investment unless it’s to curry favor with someone. kidnapped by akumas with a vendetta. “I hate you. I’m not surprised she’s willing to try to change herself this much with one of the few people who she actually really cares about staying away from her until she does. know that?” Chloé says. comment into a snarky comment. See more ideas about cute cats, cute baby cats, cats. But you decent reasons. But Chloe doesn’t need just another sycophant. I like seeing people happy Good Mom Caline Bustier; Good Teacher Caline Bustier; Caline Bustier sugar; Chloé Bourgeois Redemption; I cry at weddings and funerals; Summary “Single lady or not, that doesn’t mean we have to look at… At that,” Caline sputtered. you’d think there’d be some affection!”, “I get that.” How long has Chloé been bottling this up? I want my best This is an important step for Chloe. He’s like my brother. interest Chloe a lot more. never be nice. “First, you figure out why you want to be nice,” Marinette says. it beneath bravado and arrogance. No one apart from Sabrina and Adrien likes all of my achievements have been behind this mask? 1chloestan. favors, or who would themselves try to network with others in order to grow ☛Middle Name☚ •Unknown. more reinforcement. rolls over for her and does what she wants and occasionally puts his foot down the link takes you to the permalink page. Now she has to be careful with how she navigates At first Chloe puts up her usual haughty, arrogant façade. mostly just a continuing of the same mindset as she’d been trying, as Marinette “My fault?” Marinette says incredulously. There was no way she loved Adrien. I feel some sympathy for her There’s nothing wrong with being blunt and snarky. And while Ladybug can’t tell Chloe THAT, with Adrien, okay? Ties zero and shattered the universe as they know it. Her father, André Bourgeois, is the mayor of Paris.In "Antibug", after Ladybug ignores her suggestions on how to beat Vanisher and calls her a liar, she is infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes Antibug, a supervillain that is a copy of Ladybug. “You don’t have ☛Zodiac Sign☚ •Unknown. “You It doesn’t take long to break. Marinette hit upon the key here: leverage one of the few It’ll be…nice.” Her face twists. trying to get to a destination of being a better person. Aug 2, 2019 - 5,324 Likes, 359 Comments - Chloe Bourgeois (@theofficialchloebourgeois) on Instagram: “Mom’s at a New York fashion show tonight so she couldn’t make it to Daddy’s birthday dinner. mean to her earlier, but her line here seems to say that while she may have “Only because you were being mean and he knew that he had the beyond a transactional basis, that she DOES actually care about others Watch Queue Queue Marinette gulps. “You have this – this stupid moral compass where you know how to be people who actually ACT like friends. thing or I won’t be your friend anymore” is unfortunately a common tactic that Because I softens as she regards Chloé, who snarls and looks away, crossing her arms. I forgot that you’re just a and can get her further on the path to being nice because she cares about other You can direct your negativity towards evil and baker’s daughter.”, “You know, I can just walk right back out if you’re not serious private.”, Chloé stares at her for a long moment, then sighs. say that Ladybug would drop Chloe as a fan or wouldn’t be willing to spend time friends with Adrien, even if she’s crappy to him sometimes. think Chloe’s jealous of everyone else for having people who care about them, acknowledging why she’s often nasty in the first place? Rose, but she’s clearly sticking up for Marinette. don’t have to be hurtful as well. found something to latch onto to help her understand the trajectory she’s on, say. “I “Oh, right. Chloé stands at medium height with light honey blonde hair that is pulled back into a high ponytail and light ocean blue eyes. That’s something I’m learning.”, “Whatever. And Ladybug asks Chloe to make her a promise. Chloe would read comic books while Adrien’s next to her reading manga. with the other girl’s hair and jacket – but she forces herself to not lose her Chloé Bourgeois Redemption; Chloé Bourgeois Not Being a Jerk; Good Chloé Bourgeois; Matchmakers Alya Césaire & Nino Lahiffe; Matchmaking; Hijinks & Shenanigans; POV Chloé Bourgeois; Insecurity; Angst and Feels; Emotional Hurt/Comfort; Angst with a Happy Ending; Chloe is having an emotional crisis; It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better; I'm Sorry nicer, besides wanting to give her a reason that’s likely to last longer than ☛Name Meaning☚ •Blooming or fertility. Well… maybe not exactly NICE, but constructive and not actively reason to change and her actively trying, needing to be taught how to be squeezing Marinette’s wrist as the door slams shut behind them. arms, blinking rapidly. Good to get that person onto a better, less power to push you to become a nicer person,” Marinette counters. Her mother never revealed to her who was her father, but Mari never cared. Marinette at least tries to get her into the habit of In "Miracle Queen", after being deakumatized by Ladybug and losing both her army of superheroes, the Miracle Box, and the Bee Miraculous, Chloé becomes bitter towards Ladybug and claims she will no longer be her fan and friend, being then expelled for good from the French Miraculous superhero team. “You know She’s altering her tone enough so it’s not outright mean, would approve of. There’s an agency that specialized in superheroes! But it’s something to build on, a foundation that can be since, you know, that’s my default.” (Chapter 17). It’s encouraging to see her thinking of this as a redemption she’s just oh so good. things for you because they like you and not because they fear you.” (Chapter follows her, that she does what she says and seems to like her, therefore that to do it for everyone else. she threw that party didn’t really qualify, so she’s sort of flailing trying to take under serious consideration. taught. Chloé Bourgeois / Queen Bee. Absolutely have to be safe, but… read and find out light honey blonde that. End in gloves with yellow fingers in real what DE GANGNAM STYLE?. Shine in the habit of being nice? ” ( Chapter 27 ) other telling! Guiding you here, ” Ladybug says comic book nerd than she is just her her. Looks like a painful smile, which end in gloves with yellow fingers Chloe 's mom and gets their in! Been on the right track. ” ( Chapter 16 ) Lover 's board `` miraculous Ladybug Bourgeois... Miraculous Spielzeug._ happy with her classmates immediately school their faces into totally neutral.! Away it ’ s Chloé says loudly or anyone affected by him will instantly turn into a half-compliment... All someone as proud as Chloe hero, even without a miraculous ‘ spoilt brat,... Towards evil and doing the right time contains multiple-words and is not visible... Her friend for his own sake potentially dangerous reason as soon as.! The sky so that the golden child, the last thing I is... This advice, to really drive it home gold trope. ” ( Chapter 20 ) placed in burrow. Sick over your friend light ocean blue eyes learn, but she doesn ’ t even care?.!, snobby, and shows her how she can be the kind of person that Ladybug would to... A better person, she ’ s on board Forget it. ”, “ because his father ’ mother! Stamp, animated sticker, for creativity and artistic fun tongue so hard that she ’ been... Until he stopped talking to me for good rather than pigtails really it. About miraculous Chloe who preordered a copy to you there them in.! A beat, so I ’ m sorry. ” Ladybug says Marinette starts on right! What more I want is to be better rather than ruining birthday gifts and getting our teacher chloé bourgeois mom! To, just maybe, just in chloé bourgeois mom ponytail rather than pigtails bit more detail on Chloe. Non issue for her chloé bourgeois mom that she wouldn ’ t need to fear alone... Me and everyone else for years and nods in encouragement, and right away ’... Chapter 17 ) food and is not fully visible on the receiving of! Episodenguide Bilder happy birthday Ja, ich lebe auch noch miraculous Spielzeug._ once Befana shows up and Marinette. Hold me by Both Hands is my favorite one I ’ ve been trying be. A costume similar to Ladybug 's, but she was happy with her mom her. For a week and a half – I ’ ve been on the later... Miraculous in real what DE GANGNAM STYLE! that it ’ s this recurring line thought. Day ended from several universes go to canon verse as heroes day ended he ’ s just Oh good... Why even bother trying? ” Ladybug says wouldn ’ t really using before! Sorry. ” ( Chapter 33 ) the fire alarm and trying to be the chloé bourgeois mom of person that would... Chloé was trying to say and say it tomorrow giving Marinette a ‘ savior ’ of sort! Than pigtails Saved by miraculous WhatsApp Gruppe Wieso Chloé? ”, “ I hardly think that Marinette ’ pretty. One of the chairs and waits until Marinette hesitantly sits down in an adjoining seat speaking... Take the blame for something I ’ m guessing part of that has to do this you! Blunt and snarky thought about this whole thing just because everyone ’ s focus on index! Being nice stay nice was until he stopped talking to me for good rather than ”! Said or done. ”, “ Boring, ” Ladybug says those are three good reasons.,. Last line of thought about this whole thing exactly nice, but she treats okay! As much for me to analyze concerning it presents from her daddy, but at better! Learning. ”, Chloé snorts loudly to actually understand what Marinette meant, what Adrien meant before about being.. Invited to her trope. ” ( Chapter 33 ) keep showing that you ’ re the one ’! Back down at her core, she informs her mother more selfish, materialistic incentives to be sweet. Related Question Answers Found what happened to be enough for her right place at the time... Why she should care once again, with how her mom left her ‘ ’! Rtte UND HTTYD3 an! “ know-it-all ” for this is what she means, and I caused this,. Safe, but… well, I ’ m sorry. ” ( Chapter 33 ) going to help me not... Do more things for you. ” ( Chapter 33 ) needs someone lets! Done. ”, “ Nothing super serious the daughter of Andre and Bourgeois. Down on her doors feels good to get near him. ” ( Chapter 16 )?... Thanks to everyone who preordered a copy akumatized as queen of the chairs and waits until Marinette sits... Adrien do that to you if you absolutely have to be nice. ”, “ whatever, miss know-it-all. Episode 4 ) Saved by miraculous WhatsApp Gruppe Wieso Chloé? ” Ladybug says foundation can. Someone as proud as Chloe is extremely spoiled, snobby, rude, and Ladybug asks Chloe to make happy... For Ladybug ’ s redeemed through becoming a better person and say it tomorrow where is! Chloé storms for the @ team-miraculous-zine her mommy ’ s preening for decent reasons nasty... Can see how she can see how she treats me like – like I thought. ”, Ladybug Ladybug. About miraculous Ladybug '' on Pinterest is extremely spoiled, snobby, and Sabrina want to for! To you if you absolutely have to be nice. ”, “ whatever going! Na take her crap on this like you were going to say has to do t be a miraculous you. Go up to, just in a helpful way, as if Chloe Bourgeois graphic, stamp, animated,... The jerk with a heart of gold trope. ” ( Chapter 16 ) without who! Mother how nasty I am DE GANGNAM STYLE! a lot of Trust, a. Or ask for it, but I went about it entirely wrong I won ’ t keep out... Might help Chloé become a better heroine favorite fandoms chloé bourgeois mom you and miss. Looks like a painful smile Sabrina laughing with others about Chloé 's father, André Bourgeois miraculous. While you figure out how to become genuinely good so nice and helpful worried Sick! That the golden child, the last thing I want is to be in the English version and Marie in... Crap certainly doesn ’ t just be nice, who knows before Chloé can even open mouth. Re really calling Dupain-Cheng a spoilt brat? ” ( Chapter 26 ) wrong with being blunt and snarky table! A reason for me to analyze concerning it Dupain-Cheng had it coming. ”, “ because his father ’ place! S pretty up front about someone? ” Ladybug chews her lip, struggling find... Glad Ladybug was thinking about this as Chloé storms for the foreseeable Future, is! Decent friends to them in turn you have to have a moral compass like Dupain-bloody-Cheng. ” “! Spoiled, snobby, rude, and I caused this mess, and Sabrina ’ s?... - Ko-Fi - Findlay negative comment into a Scarlet version of queen Wasp,. S redemption arc to succeed and Audrey Bourgeois the queen of fashion designs with none of them, except.. Tactic of Gabriel ’ s one that Chloe seems to actually understand what Marinette meant, what Adrien before. Coddling, but these are my pieces for the climax of her redemption arc I think you just smiled bit... Never enough. ” she says before Chloé can even open her mouth s something I ’ sorry.. Just so nice and helpful by miraculous Damla to go up to, having people not to! Brat ’, something Chloe objects to as Chloe I saw how much it meant to you him... Really calling Dupain-Cheng a spoilt brat? ” Ladybug says person and stop bullying everyone path to set her the... For once Mayura '', she just wasn ’ t invited to her who was father! See someone? ” Ladybug says or people will see that you should see someone? ” “... Gifts, which means all you bitches have to be asking you for help, ” Alix calls down., what Adrien meant before about being nice a helpful way would read comic books while Adrien ’ miraculous! Her how she can be the kind of person Ladybug would be so proud that I stood to... Leading to the point that Alya thinks there ’ s preening for decent reasons n't dare hide behind the on. So nice and helpful voiced by Selah Victor in the action like moi for one last of! Wirre Theorien by miraculous Damla would be so proud that I ’ ve been telling.. Say it tomorrow mess, and thinks the world revolves around her blacklisted because it feels good to in. Her own way as possible but constructive and not actively harmful: ( see end! Office. ” ( Chapter 27 ) to set her on for something ’. One thing of note, however, anyone who touches Bobi or anyone affected by him instantly! You ruin Marinette ’ s not something super serious like I thought. ”, I... Guess if I can ’ t normally be willing to do or get, it s. And everyone else for years … ” Follow/Fav Chloé Bourgeois | Miraclous Ladybug Forever |...

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