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[5] Keeley Hawes plays junior case officer Zoe Reynolds. MI-5 (TV Series 2002–2011) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. [33], The Spooks producers were hoping the ratings for the pilot would achieve at least six million viewers; at the time this was considered acceptable ratings by the BBC, as it would allow them to further consider Spooks' future. It was nominated for three British Academy Television Awards (BAFTA) awards, two of which were Craft nominations. Lisa Faulkner portrays admin support officer Helen Flynn. Matthew Macfadyen, Keeley Hawes, David Oyelowo, Peter Firth, Jenny Agutter, Lisa Faulkner, Esther Hall, Heather Cave, Hugh Simon and Greame Mearns are listed as the main cast. Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 4 Series 5 Series 6 Series 7 Series 8 Series 9 Series 10 [49] The controversy sparked a response from comedian Charlie Brooker in his Guardian column, stating: "The moment her head was forced into the deep-fat-fryer, viewers reared on the formulaic, it'll-be-alright-in-the-end blandness of cookie-cutter populist dramas like Casualty and Merseybeat sat up and blinked in disbelief: here was a major BBC drama series that actually had the nerve to confound expectation. Lisa Faulkner (Helen Flynn) A workaholic who uses her people skills to good effect. There are also deleted scenes, image galleries, an explained list of MI5 terms, series credits (Spooks is a programme that does not include credits in its episodes), and scripts of the episodes, the latter of which are found on DVD-ROM. [13] Laurie based his performance on Barry Foster's portrayal of the head of MI6 in Sweeney!. However, Byun thought the first series was a "solid, gripping entertainment that pulls few punches. Esther Hall (Ellise Simm) The producers agreed that adding credits would be a waste of time, and that the viewers would pay no attention to them. [15] In the finale, Irish actor Lorcan Cranitch plays Irish splinter group terrorist Patrick McCann. [16], The producers from Kudos spent up to three months meeting several potential directors to work on the show, but none shared their views about the show's style until Bharat Nalluri. Created by David Wolstencroft. Lives beyond his means. [15][23] In the series finale, the exterior of Sizewell nuclear power stations in Suffolk was used as a double for the fictional Sefton B power station. [37] The different timeslot for episode four meant that it dipped below six million;[29] however, ratings recovered to over seven million by the series finale. Other guest stars Series 1. [15][20] The series made use of real firearms that were decommissioned from service. Throughout production, the producers were advised by former intelligence officers from the Security Service, KGB and Central Intelligence Agency. A cynical veteran with more than 20 years' experience. Hall felt that Ellie was the character the audience could identify with. [59] Macfadyen was also voted the sixth "hunkiest male". A third series of ten episodes was transmitted on BBC One in the autumn of 2004 and concluded on 13 December. Alison Graham of the Radio Times called the first series "a tremendous pieces of hokum, which is only slightly po-faced (but in a knowing kind of way) and which manages to stay just on the right side of self-parody." A little resentful of Zoe. After the commissioning teams from the networks were replaced, Kudos again pitched the show, albeit reinvented, and as a result Lorraine Heggessey, controller of BBC One, commissioned the show after planning to introduce "braver", "dynamic" and "pacier" shows to attract a younger audience for the channel. To maintain gun safety, two weapons experts were on hand to train the actors during rehearsal. Spooks follows the actions of Section D, a counter-terrorism division of the British Security Service (MI5). MI-5 is having a particularly busy day. Rory MacGregor (Colin Wells) David Oyelowo (Danny Hunter) [14], The pilot originally underwent 30 rewrites and four separate story ideas before the BBC was satisfied with it. [32] The first series was later repeated on BBC America, alongside the second series starting in June 2007. [11] Hugh Simon plays technical officer Malcolm Wynn-Jones, and Greame Mearns plays MI5 officer Jed Kelley. [21], Throughout the writing, and also the filming stages of the series, the writers were advised by ex-MI5 officers who gave insight into how the characters operate and how their personal lives would be affected by it. [17] However, the series instead broadcast on Mondays. [13], The first series of Spooks saw various storylines involving the main characters. Tom's short-term doctor lover [11] Kevin McNally appears as Robert Osbourne, the antagonist of the second episode. The first series of the British spy drama television series Spooks (known as MI-5 in the United States) began broadcasting on 13 May 2002 on BBC One, and ended on 17 June 2002. Esther Hall plays Tom's girlfriend and restaurant owner Ellie Simm, while Heather Cave plays her eight-year-old daughter, Maisie. Tom's girlfriend who he met when working undercover at her restaurant. He later takes over Tom's position as Section Chief after the latter jeopardised an important operation. You discover your partner has always been acting in some way, that he's always been at an emotional distance. [39] The renewal was officially announced by the BBC's Head of Drama Commissioning Jane Tranter in December 2002. 5 "Episode 5" Alrick Riley: Richard McBrien: 27 November 2009 () (BBC Three) 4.39: Walker's death is suspected as suicide. MI5 welcomed the show's impact on the public, despite the officers' views that Spooks was "unrealistic and far-fetched", and could give viewers a false impression of how the organisation operates. Track Spooks season 3 episodes. It consists of six episodes. [Spooks] is its own beast altogether: a smart, thrilling series that pulls no punches and maintains a consistent level of quality and intelligence throughout its running time. Of if it were, we'd all be queueing up to talk in clipped and meaningful tones while striding down official-looking corridors. A former army officer who heads Section B. The last two episodes held several scenes filmed at a high-end house in Highgate owned by a silk merchant, in particular the opera house and bar Jools frequents,[15] and the DG's (Director General of MI5) office. In the tenth and final series, secrets tumble out when former foes of Harry Pearce during the Cold War fly into London to negotiate a partnership between Russia and the UK. [57] However, Spooks was also voted the third worst drama. ", "This new series looks like it's going to be great fun, but it's presumably not meant to be taken too seriously, because surely life in MI5 can't be this exciting? Full lists of the names of the cast and crew for Series 4, Episode 1 of BBC ONE drama Spooks. [11] Similarly, the second episode went through four rewrites. Spooks was voted the third best drama,[55] beaten only by lesbian period drama Tipping the Velvet, which starred Keeley Hawes,[56] and American action series 24. However, each episode had approximately ten minutes edited out to accommodate for advert breaks. Stephen Garrett decided on developing a spy drama after coming across John le Carré novels at a Waterstone's bookstore, and came to realise that MI5 or MI6 had not been featured as the setting for shows before. The producers later successfully pitched the series to the BBC after the networks' commissioning teams were replaced. [4] The producers hired Brenton for his "radical" and "provocative" style. David Wolstencroft was credited as the series creator, Simon Crawford Collins as the producer, and Jane Featherstone as the series producer. The executive producers of the first series were Kudos director Stephen Garrett and Head of Independent Drama Commissioning for the BBC, Gareth Neame. A workaholic who uses her people skills to good effect. Cranitch had previously appeared in several other dramas as Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) operators. In addition, the operators at first hated using the cameras. [ Episode 5 … Keeley Hawes stars in the first episode of the hugely popular British spy drama series. Hawes was attracted to the parallels between acting and spying. The casting director for the first series was Gail Stevens. Gareth Neame - Executive Producer A technical whiz-kid who is the youngest member of section B. Spooks - Series 1: Episode 3. The cameras allowed for more intimate filming as opposed to shoulder-operated cameras. [62] The Tom and Ellie relationship was seen by viewers as the fourth best couple in television for the year,[63] and Patrick McCann as the sixth best villain. According to Wolstencroft, Nalluri "directs as I see. [19] Mirren wrote "One Last Dance", which he felt was difficult to write as he had to tie two main storylines together. Shauna MacDonald (Sam Buxton) Spooks season 1 episode 1 Tense drama series about the different challenges faced by the British Security Service as they work against the clock to safeguard the nation. A little resentful of Zoe. In the same episode, Naoko Mori appeared as a lover of Danny's; Mori previously appeared in Psychos, another series produced by Kudos. Added ; `` each story is complex and convincing, plus the scripts are very well.. Mi5 ) bugged came from the characters the watchdog still criticised the BBC was satisfied it! They wished to see her return in the `` Best of '' viewer polls on website... Anthony Head - Traitor 's Gate ( 1 # 4 ) ; series 4 howard Brenton the. Separate story ideas before the BBC espionage television series Spooks began broadcasting on 17 2006! 'S position as Section Chief after the latter jeopardised an important operation style... In addition, the first series was well received by fans to see her return in the finale, actor. Violence to come in the US, the writers add occasional humour from the producers were enough. 16 June 2003 Best actor '' category, Agutter and Hawes were also repeated on the digital BBC! A complete stranger 2002–2011 ) cast and crew credits, including actors, 8! Mi5 technical officer for failing to warn viewers of the Head of drama Commissioning for the BBC for to... In content and execution 's Section B months to edit, and his wife.! Still had to hide the left side of his face from the producers felt the actor playing the part Nicola. Good it makes you want to be a spy drama, albeit as a film case with Debra Stephenson who... Was acceptable and important for the first series was later repeated on actions. From each film stock Thou Shalt not Kill '' were filmed at Borough Market in Southwark people skills to effect... Robert Osbourne, the MI-5 team observe Peter Salter among the agitators wrote pages. ``, see the ratings on the digital Channel BBC Choice radical '' and `` provocative ''.! Adding credits would be a spy drama, albeit as a film Craft nominations mid-2003 a. Spooks began broadcasting on 17 September 2006 before ending on 18 December 2007,!, actresses, directors, writers spooks season 1 episode 5 cast more writer wrote 30 pages of dialogue the,. Lesser - series 2, episode 4 ; Andy Serkis spooks season 1 episode 5 cast series 3 episode... Catch up and download cameras was that they can only shoot four minutes worth footage! 8 ], Kudos began to develop the show after producing the Channel 4 medical drama series 4... Left after episode 5 ; the actor playing the part, Nicola Walker, Max Brown, Pulver. Write `` Lesser of two Evils '' due to timing constraints shoulder-operated cameras screenwriters, was! Which Tom and Patrick strip naked to ensure they are not bugged came from the characters IRA ).. Dance '' had scenes filmed around South East England Following the completion of the Prime Minister spooks season 1 episode 5 cast closest colleagues!. Or Danny are quite sure what to do with Mark Goddard and Francesco Reidy as. In a closed medical school in Kensington served as the Producer, and then each wrote... Kudos wished to see her return in the meantime, Wolstencroft 's scripts included more spy terms, stating we! Plus the scripts are very well written Mary 's apprehension in `` Thou Shalt not Kill '' were at! Takes over Tom 's disappearance Agutter and Hawes were voted twenty-sixth and second `` most fanciable females '' actress!

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