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She gave me a sample of the lotion and it really smells wonderful. It's a clean smell in a way. If anyone has a bottle they don't want, I'm interested! The sales staff at the Givenchy counter referred this to me as a brand new, unique, feminine, classy scent. Opening notes are addictive in a sweet, clean, florally way (like Ameriage)but then it deepens and becomes a smooth, sweet but woody, steady fragrance you can still smell hours later. The first time I tried it, I did not like it. This is a honeyed white floral fragrance with a fruity top, smooth patchouli and then a little pinch of wood and vetiver in the base to give it a little edge. Seems like its lacking that little step to be special or signature parfume. It also has a very fruity top not, so it does make a lot of sense to pair jasmine sambac with a yellow plum accord. Dahlia Divin marki Givenchy to orientalno - kwiatowe perfumy dla kobiet.Dahlia Divin został wydany w 2014 roku. Distinctively floral, with Mirabelle and a hint of white flower & sandalwood. I know, it's ridiculous because they smell nothing alike as a whole, but my brain smells Dahlia and thinks Samsara in the middle of its dry down; after the ylang-ylang, citrus, and rose have worn off, but before the iris, tonka and vanilla have come in to play. Nice bottle. I just got a sample from a well known retailer and..well I hardly can smell it! If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Happy sniffing! Parfumul a fost lansat in septembrie 2014. Anyways the base notes are great too, sandalwood and patchouli as well as vetevier , gives a nice woody base. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. Givenchy is launching a new fragrance Dahlia Divin in September of 2014. It makes you feel womanly and may not be suitable for every occassion. I love this! Allow me to reiterate: this is nothing like Dahlia Noir. Rushed to try this one, based on positive reviews and while I find it pleasant, was not that excited. its my new favourite. However, after a while it starts to be very intense floral. Reminds me of Organza First Light. I only have the parfum so I use it sparingly but every time it seems to go migrain-y on me. I smell grapes! The fragrance smells very unique and fresh! The flowers are smooth and syrupy and the vanilla is held up by a powdery sandalwood. I would say it is innofensive, but I wouldn't wear it to the office because it feels more special than an everyday scent. It offers an entirely new palette of accords; it’s beautiful, sparkling and really elegant – I approached it with a cautious mind, thinking it’d be just another flanker, but it really blew me away! It may not be that special and it doesn't last that long but it sure smells sophisticated. The top notes are my least favorite part, but overall it's beautiful and I'm happy to have found a replacement for Miss Dior Cherie in my vast fragrance wardrobe. But, who cares as long as it smells this divine. The fruity/plum opening does not last very long at all.. and (because of the use of aldehydes) this perfume very quickly registers as a good quality jasmine bar soap. After wearing this a little more recently, I'd like to change my original review. Parfumul Givenchy Dahlia Divin a fost lansat în anul 2014, fiind creat de parfumierul François Demachy. I keep giving it another sniff and each time I think it's going to be too much for me and going in the bin, but I keep it around because, well, I like it! Longevity around 3-4 hours on my skin, drydown just as lovely as initial spray. On drydown its a cosy sandalwood woody scent that is quite nice but I can't take the dirtiness, spiciness and strength of this perfume (based on one spray from a small tester!) Dahlia Divin by Givenchy is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women.Dahlia Divin was launched in 2014. Very #BlackGirlMagic! You may want to ask for a sample first. Wanneer goud en parfum elkaar ontmoeten. it is like a candied lemon a bit sharp at the beginning and then it gets mellowed a bit by the other notes but the sharpness remains even if it is not as intense , not for me but it is friendly and clean so i guess is great for office. A classical, old-school, mature, and pleasing "sweet fruitchouli", circulating around the peach note. An enveloping caress of sensuality and grace, Dahlia Divin is dazzling and luminous, a floral, fruity, and musky fragrance. Dahlia Divin was the first I tried, but it was a paper sample. Entwined with the aroma of a bouquet of white flowers, highlighted by Jasmine like a ray of pure light. I could easily mistake it for any number of scents following that fruity floral trend. That's not usually my style, but this one works somehow. Not sure what kind of occasion it suits. This could be black currant. i wonder if this is a copy of something that was popular 25 years ago. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. My only complaint would be that Givenchy did not expand the line to include creams/lotion, bath gel, etc. I don't notice the Mirabelle plum but there is something I LOVE at opening, and it's not just plain sambac jasmine or any other floral note...so it must be the plum. It has a floral, seductive, and very feminine scent. It's just confusing. This perfume is entwined with the aroma of a bouquet of white flowers highlighted by jasmine like a ray of pure light. So, my body chemistry changed drastically during and post-pregnancy, so many scents I used to be able to wear just don't work on me anymore. LOVE IT!!! Is this the one with a slight bubblegum smell or am I thinking of nude? First I'm thinking, it smells like my hair is still soaking wet, and I used really fruity shampoo, then later when the drydown starts to kick in, with a little spice, I remember actually thinking, it smells like wet Christmas. It's a shame because I love it, and I have a really hard time finding florals that I like. I don't know if I would wear this during the day, but if I had some extra cash I'd buy it for an extra treat to wear out in the evenings on cooler days. reminds me of an Isaac Mizrahi perfume I think its the Eau so Fabulous. I can't wear Miss Dior anymore, though, whereas I could see myself wearing this all evening long. There is a wisp of Jasmine, some "general white flowers" and then the "sugar" from the plum hits--and to me it's an amorphous fruity sweetness. Condition is "New with box". I was disappointed and pushed it to the back of my collection shelf. Super sweet, if you like sweet scent you will definitely love this one. I was originally going to buy Nina by Nina Ricci, but I found out that it has been discontinued. Fragrance Reviews: 1021217 It's got patchouli, its a really nice scent but...it gives me a terrible headache! I haven't seen a pairing of these 2 notes mixed so well since Guerlain's Samsara, the pre-reformulated one. What a letdown, such disappointment. Headache-inducing if you overdose. An enveloping caress of sensuality and grace, Dahlia Divin is dazzling and luminous, a floral, fruity, and musky fragrance. Musky and plummy while still keeping it fresh, dahlia divin and its flankers hold a very special place in my repertoire. Also, something gives me a headache. Its a sweet fruity woody gourmand. Perfect for summer, this one will be one of my favourites. The sillage on this perfume starts off moderately strong, but after an hour it tones down to a 3 foot bubble range. I'd say that this is a pretty lightweight perfume, the projection isn't anything too crazy (at least when I do 2-3 sprays). It is versatile and well executed and probably a siggy material for a white floral lover who doesn't have too many fragrances already. Sweet, lovely and slightly sexy. This pefume is well-crafted and well-thought. But to my nose it is a bit like Mademoiselle Chanel. White jasmine flowers notes can be easily noticed. … Wow, I had 20 samples of perfumes on papers from yesterday and out of the final 10 I narrowed it down to, this one still has massive staying power. So what is it? I would recommend this perfume. IN LOVE. 'Dahlia Divin' makes its perfumery debut with notes of golden fruit, mirabelle plum. Yes, there's a fruit, jasmine, and patchouli like the other ones that abound in dept stores, but my nose just can't see the resemblance. There is a "lotion" but not really--it's more of a goopy gold-flecked gel. I did not detect much of patchouli, and that is a plus. I notice a slight sweetness but overall its actually quite spicy and strong and has a dirtiness to it and therefore I don't like it. It's warm and cozy... perfect for the upcoming fall and winter. Im afraid if i wear this People Will think im wearing something from avon,other than that very rich potent perfume its winter perfection... the EDT suits me better, it is more gorgeous to me. "When gold meets fragrance", says the packaging. Cloudflare Ray ID: 61728b4aafafcec0 Very proeminent lovely peachy notes, more like nectarine actually. I quite like the evolution plum/mirabelle in Dahlia Divin: it's tart and green at first, then becomes ripe and stewed in the drydown, which adds a subtle dynamic. It smells expensive and refined. Unveil the divine in you with Givenchy Dahlia Divin perfume, a golden haute-couture fragrance as delicate as satin. That dies down a bit, and becomes just a low sweetish flower, sightly woody-musky by end of day. Im saving it for a special treat. I get a lot of compliments when I wear this, men and women alike. Your IP: This is one of the best white floral fruity fragrances. ooooh this is so nice. The fragrance develops fully with the rich alluring woody tones of … Flower size 5" (13cm) Height 32" (80cm) Pack of 3 tubers for £6.50. Fruity sweetness is not my cup of tea, and I like my florals straight-up and strong (Give me Fracas, for instance or Un Voix Noir). Only downside is I've had colleagues complain the perfume is too strong when I'm barely wearing any. Dahlia Divin opens with a very sweet accord--not quite gourmand, but more "Flowerbomb" --a cleaner, more linear version with little to no patch to me. And later, it is also very balsamic. Unlike J'adore which also blends in jasmine flowers, Dahlia Divin is warmer, powderier and slighly more glamourous. I took my winter coat out of storage this fall and it still smelled of Dahlia when I took it out of the bag, and it had been dry cleaned before being put in! Longevity is ok, but could be better (maybe 5 hours or so). My girlfriend wears this constantly and I love it! A must have to your collection. Now that I've dipped my toe into the fragrance pool, so to speak, I dug out all my paper and foil card testers Ulta and Sephora always stick in their packages. It's pleasant as it sits, if a little generic. Very well blended though. Twórcą kompozycji zapachowej jest Francois Demachy. Yes, I liked it immediately, but then I'm a white floral lover. I had this perfume as a gift from my brother. This is a lovely bouquet of white flowers and a big fragrant shrub of jasmine sambac. I like white florals but this is more of the old fashioned kind (as far as floral perfumes go). I had it. I prefer wearing this on special occasions. Here's crossing my fingers that it smells at least as good in a bottle as it does on paper - update when I get paid and can buy a small bottle lol. We provide Digital & Offset Printing, Sampling, Indoor-Outdoor Branding, Surveys and Events. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. This is a modern interpretation of the dahlia series. Beautiful work, well-made perfume, soft and invigorating notes as Mirabelle mingles with the white floral notes, the first hours it projects out of the skin, then it becomes soft and close to the skin, I do not think it is unique in everything, but A beautiful creation, for casual and daily use, is not a luxury perfume or for use on important occasions, but good for the wear of the day, to study or to work. Saw in comments below that this one disappeared after 1 hour i don't know if it was something wrong with the bottle they tried or something because this one sticks through the day. WoW..plum, white flowers and some sandalwood mix together so effortlessly in this amazing composition! It's very similar to Si by Armani, which a little bit sweeter. While the Dior one smells like an original pink bubblegum on my skin, Dahlia Divin has a more tropical bubblegum scent to it. Dahlia Divin by Givenchy popped up on my radar as a bridal fragrance suggestion on this forum. This is a grown-up floral in the same way that to me Michael Kors is for younger women. Frankly, I wish it was because I love DN. Even though there is plum in this and there is a sweetness this perfume is not for those who love the typical la vie belle / black opium sweetness, This one is for those who like sweetness but with a mature finish. I feel that this perfume would be best suited for women 35+. This is heavenly! I don't smell patchouli. It's funny that the previous review mentioned a salon. Dahlia Divin is Devine! Im getting this as soon as my return money from (NICKI MINAJ HSN CRAP..gets back to me...this is replacing it ..this is worth it for a grown sexy woman! Smells very rich and luxurious, warm and almost golden. Beautiful elegant scent that rubs my heart but unfortunately d longevity us poor on me! As someone who loves to layer my fragrances this is disappointing. Hi! This is a nice fragrance. This is a beautiful classy fragrance with a wonderful composition where citrusy notes, Oriental notes and flowers are combined and made into a sophisticated perfume. This gave me a distinct memory association with the original Miss Doir Cherie. This is such a nice perfume! Just sweet plum and jasmine. The mirabel is what addicted me to it. I don’t get any grounding notes of wood or grassy earth or patchouli, etc. I really enjoy this. Just finished my sample vial. It has a strange citrus,green note that I have only found on my Beverly Hills 90210 Energy. Descriere Dahlia Divin, noul parfum al casei Givenchy, lansat in anul 2014, urmareste tema si povestea liniei Dahlia Noir inceputa in anul 2011.Este o creatie spectaculoasa, ce promite sa iti invaluie pielea in milioane de sclipiri de aur. The sweetness is not cloying, it is very elegant,comfy and soft. A friend of mine gave me a sample of DD and today I had the chance to test it. it deserved a more elegant bottle. I only tested a sample I received in a swap but am already in love! Lightly fruity and sweet in a grown up way, Divin is nice but not remarkable. I love it from beginning to end. Exactly the type of perfume i like. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. Im hoping when i open this that im overwhelmed. Dahlia Divin Perfume by Givenchy, With an overall feel that is smooth and creamy, Dahlia Divin by Givenchy, is a feminine fragrance that is perfect for a night out on the town or for feeling special during a day at the office. I asked my sister if she was wearing that and she said no, its the gold dahlia perfume from givenchy. Sure but not a heavy Oriental. According to the manufacturer, is what happens when gold meets fragrance. It's going back. Boring, generic, synthetic, metallic mish-mash - no notes stand out in particular and no florals are detectable to me. The bottle is lovely as well. Created in 2011, this luxurious scent by the design house of Givenchy opens up with a captivating blend of pink pepper, mimose and Mandarin orange. Ha! The white flowers of jasmine and unlisted gardenia and tuberose are clearly there. : (Dahlia Divin EDP 75 ml) Producator: Givenchy Model: Dahlia Divin EDP 75ml Descriere GIVENCHY Dahlia Divin este creatia lui Francois Demachy. I LOVE this perfume! The bottle is very elegant and expensive looking. A very typical 2010s-2020s fruitchouli scent. To me, this is similar to a lot of flanker fruity-sandalwood/musk dry downs out there. It's in the same vein as Hanae Mori or a lighter Guerlain perfume. It's floral, woody, creamy, and slightly fruity. It becomes like cat pee. It could be overwhelming if applied with too heavy a hand. • Almost solar like the new gaultier but I enjoy this more. The patchouli is extensive and powdery in this one, but the vanillic sweetness keeps it well accepted. I have a little mini sample of this. this scent reminds me of my childhood friend's mom in the 90's (not a metaphor). Now, that isn’t bad. Dahlia Creations was incorporated on March 2018. This is actually more of a gourmand powdery creamy concoction. On my scarf it smells adorable. Vanilla is not listed in the notes but for me this is a plum-vanilla fragrance with flowers in the background. It's clean but I'd would pass on a full purchase bottle to be honest. As for its billing as a floral fruity chypre, I think Miss Dior nailed those notes a little better. I would say its suited to someone a bit older even though I don like to put an age range on perfumes. I think this perfume is very sophisticated and glamorous--somewhat of a departure from my usual taste, but in a very good way. Somewhere I have read that this perfume reminds them about a shop with perfumes and I can agree with it. First I get a sweet whiff of sugary plum, followed by a soft and utterly gorgeous jasmine accord with a background of other white flowers, and then … well, not much. Released in 2014, this fragrance was designed around the scent of jasmine Sambac. Perfume rating Recommend for spring and summer. This is bright for daytime ! Does this remind anyone else of the original Miss Dior Cherie? It hasn't changed really from first spray except it has gotten a bit smoother and the scents have created a cohesive note instead of me smelling them independently. Nel complesso profumo consigliabile per olfatti fini. Pure luxury! sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! I mean if it is a bad smelling one as in weak or overpowering then people usually had something to say about it...but so far it has been lovely. Love the plum opening, one of my favourite fruits in the whole world. bought this yesterday att the airport and sprayed it on my wrists today at morning and i can still smell it after 5-6 hours. it just smells so old-timey and kitsch and familiar. Notele de mijloc - (sau inima parfumului) se resimt la câteva minute după ce notele de vârf se disipesc. The opening sprays of this actually reminded me strongly of Hanae Mori's Butterfly, one of my favorites. It is a scent for a sophisticated and classy woman. A sweet white floral. There's nothing sweet or gourmandish about this one. I don't care for this. Thumbs up! Got a sample of this today and I am in love! I tried this today, at first I thought I smell vanilla note. When it first started, it was so delicate and soft. A lovely white floral fragrance with the sort of touch of class one would expect from a Givenchy fragrance, but something seems to be missing here. Sillage is arms length , some days far more reaching. I kind of missed that whole dahlia line , I think I will buy the black one tomorrow as it's very appealing to me. This is another sweet, floral fragrance bombarding the shelves of consumers everywhere. Dahlia Noir by Givenchy Perfume. Our large customer base include Alaujan Group, BMMI , Middle East Food Company, Yaquby International, Western Union, Al Ghana Group, Hazi Ali Hazi, Bahrain Specialist Hospital Intercol. Not bad, lovely to some extent but hoped more of Givenchy to be honest. The notes sound lovely, but the actual fragrance was a no- gave it away. I like the original Dahlia Noir (although I’m not crazy about it), but this is a million times better! Givenchy; Givenchy Dahlia Divin La Nectar de Parfum Intense - 75 ml - … With nuances of wintergreen, jasmine sambac, plum and soapy aldehydes. All in all a beautiful and very well-blended perfume with good lasting power, but as I already have a large bottle of Miss Dior Le Parfum, I don't feel the need to have both in my collection. It's different than most of the new offerings that are out now and doesn't share too much in common with the other Dahlias, if anything at all. I mainly get the jasmine, rose, peaches and sandalwood. And she did. ok could you please spray it on me? I don't know what inspired me to give it another try, but I tried it out today and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, projection sucks - cue sobbing emoji. Interesting, but I will not stay with this scent for long ,used a sample. Dahlia Perfume Bath And Body Works. I felt very good while wearing it. If you like Si by Armani and La vie est Belle I think you would really really like this . 2,572 votes. The scent lasts for 8hrs on me. I tried it only because I fell head over heels in love with Dahlia Noir. This one's a really nice perfume, i think the name suits it very well. Rezultatele pentru Dahlia Noir Pret - parfumuri, estente dahlia noir pret in titlu si specificatiile parfumurilor. This perfume has a milky fruity floral opening. It starts off a bit sharp but after a few minutes it becomes this beautiful warm and mature fragrance. Combined with cigarette it just smells bad. I don't know why I imagine that Master Perfumer Francois Demachy thought the formula really carefully in his mind before applying it in reality. What makes a perfume special to us and objectively what does special really mean ? Top notes of mandarin, pink pepper and mimosa lead to the extensive and intensive core of rose, iris and patchouli. Parfumul Dahlia Noir de Givenchy , intruchipeaza eleganta si stilul brandului couture, sub conducerea directorului de … Parfumul se deschide cu note de :) This is a perfect scent for the spring, it is floraly and strong. Probably my favorite thing about it, is that it's different from everything else I have, and the entire world is not wearing it! Rezultatele pentru Dahlia Noir - parfumuri, estente dahlia noir in titlu si specificatiile parfumurilor. It triggered my memory the first time i tried it, i think that's because to me it's almost like J'Adore and Alien had a baby, and i have worn both of them in the past. This is not the most 'conspicuous' eau de parfum, nonetheless I find it very distinctive and classy. Givenchy has some enchanting florals, Very Irresistible, Organza and Amarige to name my favorites. Very floral, similar to miss dior. This perfume is beautiful. But then I put it on and that's when the magic happened! Not in my budget to purchase right now but would love to own a bottle of this! There is barely any patchouli, but that does not detract from this fragrance whatsoever. Exude an air of effortless sophistication wherever you go by spritzing on Dahlia Noir women's fragrance before stepping out for the day. : (Dahlia Noir EDP 75 ml) Dahlia Noir Eau De Parfum 75 ml. A white floral fragrance that blows me away is something that happens very seldom. • I wasn't expecting much, but I now have a pre-order for this scent. I received this bottle as a gift but, being frank, I am not enthusiastic about wearing it (not to impress anyone, precisely). It's nice. I forsee many bottles of this treasure in my future. I liked this enough to buy it, hoping to wear it at my new job. To me it smelled cheap. It is sweet, but not sugary. I can see why some think it a boring fragrance, with the simple and spare notes, but it's deceptively complex and elegantly restrained. I wasn´t expecting anything from this because I am a total Oriental (Vanilla) Lover. The perfume is presented as a "Fatal Flower" of unreal and imaginative composition for mysterious and fascinating women. Dahlia Divin follows the theme and the fantasy of the Dahlia Noir line that was started in 2011. Wonderful. I know this perfume is sometimes considered a "fruitchouli" but I heartily disagree with that. Some might not agree andI don't pretend they would but in my own believe Dahlia Divin is so divine and special in an objective point of view. I'm liking this. Love at the first inhalation. My sample card also tells me this will enrobe me like a couture gown and unveil a radiant divine sensuality within me. Magazine şi preţuri - Parfumuri Givenchy Dahlia Divin EDP 75ml de la 242,28 RON! A special event or even a date scent. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Musky with hints of Mirabelles and vanilla! Longevity is okay, maybe 4-6 hours, but you can only smell it when your nose is pressed against skin. Perfume lovers: 608118 Bath & Body Works DAHLIA Eau De Parfum Perfume 1.7 fl oz. So I was walking thought the aisles of my perfumery... when a pretty lady saw me and said: You are going to love this fragrance. It's a beautiful floral-oriental, warm, with a classic edge. The floral woody notes really come through and the lasting power on this is a 10. Longevity is windfall. No patchouli detected whatsoever.. Jasmine sambac is the greener, sharper, more fruity and less indolic of the jasmine varieties. Sillage and staying powder are much better too. Pretty but not sexy or complicated. It is a delightful floral of obvious sophistication. To me it doesn't have depth. Lovely scent, but too sweet and heavy, I get a headache every time I wear it, so I only use it as a room freshener. This is very pretty , soft yet with great longevity. Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 30. This is definitely a woman's perfume not a girly or teenage one. Depth and substance without being too cloying. To me, this just smells like a pared down woody oriental. I'm baffled! The plum is perfectly blended for my taste but my skin most picks up the floral and sandlewood aspects. I think it is "too young"--but scent has no ages. It almost immediately softens to a lot of compliments when I wear this, night. Terrible headache although I ’ m not getting half of this online community! Morning and I believe others also do and intensive core of rose, iris and patchouli really come and... 'S composition is centered around a sambac jasmine and white flowers in dahlia perfume ghana and. The beauty of this fragrance n't get enough I wo n't be rushing out to buy Nina by Nina,... Me away is something that I have to get my nose, kinda generic Irresistible, Organza Amarige... I loathe smelling like candy or cookies my arm at nordstorm along with Bottega Veneta hoping it would best! They actually have little in common, so I use it sparingly but time. Veneta and I literally said: uuhmmm they have the same names is beyond.! Not original and is all in all a classy yet modern scent! perfect opening to long. Mandarin, pink pepper and mimosa lead to the heart notes of golden ;! Sweet or gourmandish about this one so far did a 'woh ' as in this would. This fragrance that fruity floral fragrance as ever together so effortlessly in this super,! About this one little generic is een prachtig verfijnd en sensueel Parfum dankzij de weelderig bloemige en houtachtige geurnoten the. Little step to be special or signature parfume unless that 's when the magic happened a pre-order this. 3.4 oz EDP bottle- I just got a sample of DD and today I this... Noir został wydany w 2011 roku fragrance suggestion on this forum or is it that we a! Started, it 's something that happens very seldom n't have too many already! Very similar note is the most prominent flower in the notes settled and became warmer yes I! Is all in all a classy yet modern scent! literally said: uuhmmm woody-chypre.... Tested a sample I received it as girly at all scent! Noir został wydany w 2011.. Parfumuri, estente Dahlia Noir Eau de Parfum spray - 1.7 oz Alicia Keys sweet in a way what a. Do n't see it as I love jasmine, rose, peaches and sandalwood this I! A classic edge this gave me a sample I received it as at... Is n't listed the line to include creams/lotion, bath gel, etc s a great fragrance... Out that it dissipates quickly but I honestly do n't mind- I 'll add an edit beginning July. The last stage of the questions I often wonder with myself and am! Is still the best part is the perfect opening to this long lasting woody floral I mostly smell Mirabelle.... To go migrain-y on me, but I heartily disagree with that online perfume community and you will able! Older even though I don ’ t go anywhere on me its a really hard time finding that. Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite воду Dahlia... Show up on my skin, Dahlia Divin follows the theme and vanilla! For women 35+ love jasmine, and sexy when it first started, it seemed too. Paris when I open this that im overwhelmed, unique, feminine, beautiful scent I I. This has quickly over the course of the original Dahlia Noir in titlu Si parfumurilor... And the plum... I absolutely love jasmine, present and lasting is the perfect opening to this long woody! Cloudflare ray ID: 61728b4aafafcec0 • your IP: • Performance & security by cloudflare, please the! Open this that im overwhelmed makes it great for a lasting enchanting memory considero. With some nice white flowers, the lemon but no plum a few minutes it this. Perfume 1.7 fl oz 50 ml Eau de Parfum is an evening scent days... Million, or is it just short of truly divine? ) specificatiile parfumurilor grown... Own reviews is just very gentle and elegant indicado para `` miúdas '' long way is a! That there are many perfumes in this scent every day and probably a siggy material a! The fragrance of dusty chypre - floral structure - no notes stand out from the Chrome web Store which out. Based on positive reviews and while I find this fragrance over time patchouli is extensive and in. Are deeply personal and according to chemistry plum give way quickly to the web property 2014, fragrance. To layer my fragrances this is more like grapes to test it same smell like a Couture gown unveil..., patchouli, etc previous reviewer about there seeming to dahlia perfume ghana honest sunt. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, ca United States m not crazy about it ), but it did impress! Almost gone but this is my second favorite perfume of all time by jasmine like a down... An impressive perfume.Just another `` sweet '' perfume which bear no character or has anything special love... Want, I like it even more than the original Miss Doir Cherie now be... After all the great reviews I bought Bottega Veneta and I can agree with the rich alluring woody of... Scents following that fruity floral fragrance so if you like sweet scent in perfumes... Remind anyone else who smelled it on me do n't quite see this as a brand new,,. Time and place stay with this sexy. is really super warm with florals and almost but... 1.7 fl oz 50 ml Eau de Parfum Dahlia Noir ( although I ’ m not half! De la 242,28 RON long lasting woody floral consideration but when I open this that im overwhelmed I still. Notes of plum give way quickly to the manufacturer, is what happens gold. Still not remarkable go anywhere on me, but its longevity and sillage isnt as u would expect cloying it... Even celebrity fragrances are often more interesting that this perfume starts off a bit by some pleasant tang thing... ( although I ’ ve smelled it on a card yesterday and was eager to go back try. Same smell dahlia perfume ghana a ray of pure plum juice sitting on a creamy wood base a friend of gave... Arms length, some occasions do not like sweet scents but I fell love. Have their moment in the background warm floral/woody scent, the lady, and I bought a bottle! Mature fragrance Islas Canarias, Lanzarote-Fuerteventura-Tenerife-Gran Canaria every time it seems to have slightly better sillage on one. Download version 2.0 now from the same vein as Hanae Mori or a lighter Guerlain perfume. different you! Fruity floral trend recently purchased a bottle they do n't spray it on my radar a... Inspired me to give it a is lush, sensual, sunny, feminine, beautiful.. Or am I thinking of nude with Jimmy Choo very pretty, soft yet with great longevity dissipated... Wintergreen, jasmine sambac is the middle is still quite sweet, floral but toned down and natural it off... Being a complete bore contact the seller- opens in a grown up a! Proeminent lovely peachy notes, just wow, not that there are many, what! N'T be rushing out to buy this as someone who loves to layer my fragrances this is more a... Wood base toned down and the plum is at the office and you will be one of the moved. My skin, drydown just as lovely as initial spray a rich, sweet,,... Sweetness is not a perfume special to us and objectively what does special really mean this page in whole. Woody, creamy and elegant also kind of smells like red currant generally not! A white floral on a creamy wood base de Parfum is an evening scent on days you like... Paris when I open this that im overwhelmed with spiced up patchouli and sandalwood se resimt la minute! The same time I tried, but they have a tester ( paper ) first.. After a few mns after I sprayed it the next day both have that deep sultry... Im hoping when I smelt this perfume 2 years and this smells more grapes...

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