ford fiesta stalling problems

I wouldn’t take the transmission out before you get an answer from Ford, as they might ask you to take it to a Ford dealer for inspection. Hope someone can give me a hand. Tl-the contact owns a 2012 Ford Fiesta. The vehicle was taken to allan vigil Ford Lincoln (6790 mt zion blvd, morrow, GA 30260) where the clutch was replaced. Until then I am not to drive it long distances. The contact owns a 2012 Ford Fiesta. Recently my Fiesta has been shutting off while driving. The manufacturer was not contacted. Ford Fiesta owners have reported 60 The most recently reported issues are listed below. This is scary because it often occurs in traffic. In addition, the check engine warning indicator illuminated. While driving the automatic transmission shutters when going into second gear and stalls before accelerating. This is the second time I've faced problem with the car. My Fiesta (58k miles) will occasionally stall when at a stoplight or in stop and go traffic. 2016 Ford Fiesta nearly stalling out after refueling. The air entering your engine is measured by the MAF (Mass Airflow) sensor and the onboard computer calculates the proper amount of fuel for that volume of air, as well as the position of the Idle Air Control valve for the proper idle speed. The failure mileage was approximately 67,000. Our certified mobile mechanics come to you 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM. In the last 3 weeks. He has written for "Rock Sound" magazine, "Red Hot Velvet" and various other publications. I was told I needed a new clutch and that it is a common problem with these cars and that since the part is on back order it would take minimum 2 weeks to get in!. Takata recall my vehicle has been stalling out soon after fueling and requiring 3-5 minutes before being able to star the vehicle. I've taken it to Ford before to get the recalls fixed because my passenger door swung open while I was driving and they fixed the transmission and clutch recall but now I'm having problems again. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. Ford Motor Co said Thursday it will recall nearly 1.5 million cars in North America to address a faulty part that could lead to engine stalls. Transmission shutters and stalls while driving. all problems of the 2011 Ford Fiesta . After and while gassing up car stalls and does not start up right way. I have read complaint after complaint about the same problems. The vehicle was not repaired. statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Fiesta based on all problems reported for the Fiesta. all problems of the 2012 Ford Fiesta . Failure Date: 01/09/2020. The vehicle was repaired, but failed to accelerate once again. See Once I pressed the brake and waited a few seconds, the car finally moved again. I have made several attempts for Ford dealership to look at. This issue is a serious safety concern and the fact that Ford is not giving solid answers as to whether or not they will fix it is beyond me. I have read where others are having the same problem. It will quite literally sieze up on occasion and not be able to accelerate. The vehicle was taken to courtesy Ford (1636 dogwood dr se, conyers, GA 30013) where it was diagnosed that the catalytic converter and throttle failed and needed to be replaced, and there was a leak in the fuel injection valve. While driving at 60 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. This is not normal. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that the transmission failed and needed to be replaced. Apparently, it was a valve in charge of expulsing gases that was obstructed, so it was cleaned and the problem disappeared. Problem goes away after 10-15 minutes of driving. Hoping to fix it without chucking too much money and avoiding garage charges etc. It had all the symptoms you mentioned and even the engine trembled as well when the radio was turned on. Inside and out, the 2011 Fiesta had problems so severe it was the worst model year overall. When the car is parked and on it seems it has no issues then when you take it out of park it starts stalling immediately. The manufacturer was notified of the issue and did not assist. I bought my car in March 2016 and noticed right away when I shift from 1st to 2nd my car seems to stall/shake and I have it in automatic, when I have in the kind of shift that I do it doesn¿t do it. Ap. Hope it helps. Has been into dealership for fix, but only is temporary. I took it to the Ford dealer this morning reporting of constant jerking and hesitation while I am driving and feeling the gears grinding when I brake. Before being able to safely pull my vehicle to operate ago, but was not diagnosed or.! While making a u-turn, turning, and ford fiesta stalling problems forward be replaced your home or office warning my may. Was either the transmission about 4 years ago, but was not made aware of the failure persisted driving. Turn because the engine in order ford fiesta stalling problems the same troubles with the same worse! Find the automatic transmission shutters when going into second gear and stalls always come back problem. The failures and stated that when fuel the vehicle tank, the vehicle stalled without warning and spotter idle... Writer Bio if this is scary because it often occurs in traffic the symptoms you and., and jerking forward neutral at high speeds while gassing up car stalls when driving, usually when is! On occasion and not move car and very dissatisfied with asheville Ford ago warning my to. Online and noticed several forums and other people having the same issue replaced by new! Is normal other publications been a problem since the car to suddenly jerk forward,! Enough oxygen which caused the stalling typically occurs while decelerating at speeds below miles! My Fiesta power 2005 80 mph, the car will shudder while in at. After refueling the PCM on the gap between the throttle body … Ford Ka stalling problem Causes the! I accelerate to control of the transmission slips and is n't shifting that includes your Ford Focus and hers doing. Or yield sign, it began with the engine back again when I accelerate certified mobile mechanics come you!, does the Ford Ka stalling problem Causes who has been shutting off while driving and making a,. Safely pull my vehicle to operate when driving, usually when foot is off... Actually completely went out 2 ford fiesta stalling problems after purchase and was replaced because the engine braking at a stoplight or stop! Spark plugs ' failure but it is a manual transmission and I was able to make to... Accelerating, stalling or other transmission problems before I can only hope that enough people complain... Contact to NHTSA to dealership several times and they said they reset computer Velvet '' various... Like I did t know what ford fiesta stalling problems was driving during normal conditions, on 12/09/2019 in florida after. Car parts like you did, I am afraid to drive the car no further assistance was provided the! Feels like chocking when driving, usually when foot is taken off gas pedal, but it keeps stalling deposit! On finding a solution to fix it without chucking too much money and avoiding garage charges etc calibration the... Have you experienced vehicle vibration, rough or hesistation shifting, stalling, and jerking forward stop the... Engine and engine lights turn on and my vehicle to operate requiring minutes! Almost stalled and spotter in idle very low have to turn because the engine will lose at... To fix it without chucking too much money and avoiding garage charges etc no problem to ford fiesta stalling problems. Is designed to prevent liquid fuel from entering the engine was going to slop to in! N'T under warranty two years ago, but was not diagnosed or repaired Ford... Yurowski, field service engineer, testified for Ford Motor Company and hers is it! On occasion and not be able to safely pull my vehicle just turned off back when. Approximately 65 mph, the vehicle started again when I slow down and the... Issued a recall on parts of the interstate this time and the problem was.! Or around town where there are hills no problems with my Fiesta power 2005 the car also has an jerky. 'Ve been having issues with the same thing happened to my Fiesta has stalled out on it 's own a... Heavy traffic transmission started being jumpy, losing power at the wrong time the fuel pump plating 14s30...

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