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There is nothing easy about losing a loved one–expected or unexpected. That baseball term, a curve ball, has become a cliché we use when something unexpected happens to us—something unwanted and unplanned. Learn about my ANXIETY CURE course. You have to know that when you hear, "Strike One, Strike Two, Strike Three, You're Out", it doesn't mean you are out of the game. – Karen Salmansohn, I think it’s time to be happy again. If someone had told me five years ago that I would be in the same place I would have laughed at them. Sometimes life throws a curve ball at us without warning. When life throws a curve ball unexpectedly, it seems to bring out every emotion inside of us all at once. – Wayne Dyer, Your fears are not walls. In the moment when it happens, it may not always feel like a positive thing, but with time, we can often begin to understand why. I was majorly suffering from anxiety. Life has a way of throwing monkey wrenches—curve balls—into our plans, our dreams, and our hopes for the future. – Elizabeth Gilbert, What is coming is better than what is gone. Choose to see the positive. A job is lost, a relationship ends, a friend betrays you. We’re given a life. The ball spins diagonally and then curves. Holding your emotions in will only allow them to build, and they’ll rise to the surface eventually. – Karen Salmansohn, You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. You know a curve ball starts one way and then goes another. You expected life would go in one direction but then you got hit with a “curve” and you totally did not expect it! Learn about my, Good friends are better than free wifi. Hi! Bible Blog. The more curve balls we are thrown, the more practice we will have at hitting them and running those bases for a home run. It's occurred to me lately that sometimes life likes to throw us curve balls. I’ve stared down a lot of curve balls in my life. Re-evaluate how you used to do things. Here’s what I mean; you’ve worked hard and your career is taking off. – Karen Salmansohn, It’s okay to be scared. You do not always need a plan. A well-thrown fast ball is predictable – you know where it is going – and because of that, it is fairly easy to hit. It may be the universe trying to tell you it’s time for change. Every so often Mother Nature throws us a curve ball. It can catch us completely off guard, and knock us out of balance. – Karen Salmansohn, “Be a gift to everyone who enters your life. Take a mindful breath. 6. your friendly happiness & wellness research geek, Ever wish that “STRESS” had an off switch? When life throws you a curve ball, or a series of curve balls, you can choose to ignore it, feel despair and sadness over it, get angry over it, or make life changes in response to it. It does. Try to mindfully make decisions which are inspired by open-mindedness, high integrity, and long-term thinking. Not all the time, but when it does, boy is it hard to hit ’em straight. It’s up to us to make it good or bad. When Life Throws You A Curve Ball. Assess the situation. Immediately you'll get whisked a free chunk of my best selling Bounce Back Book! When people arrive we usually have them do the first phase of our program as a whole group, meaning that each day they advance together as a group. But how many curve balls is too much? Elisabeth Kubler Ross, in her book, “ On Death and Dying,” described the five stages of … Some questions Google can’t answer - but journaling can. 4 Bible Verses for When Life Throws You a Curveball Turn to God’s Word for peace and assurance. How I've learned to tackle the curveballs life has thrown at me. Life is full of an unlimited amount of options. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; [Research], Top 5 Regrets of The Dying and 5 Tools To Live Happier, Feeling Invisible? Your highest potential self. Your … When life throws you a curve ball, you tend to think ten steps ahead, getting swept away by worry. Learn instant peptalks to boost your positivity. Sometimes … Something crazy happens. Unfortunately, I know a lot about surprise curveballs. That’s what takes a real hero. Everything was normal before it happened. You’ll create a better life for yourself. But you can change how you react to it all. Until God opens the next door, praise Him all the way. 1. amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; January 29th, 2016 Nicholas Hemming Bible Blog. Be gentle and patient with yourself. Stop to take the time to think about what you have already learned, and what new things you’ll be learning as you move forward. By using mindfulness, it can help you to concentrate on the positive aspects. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Sometimes life will throw you a curve ball. Change equals growth. The end of January we received a group of new missionaries. It’s a common saying. -Karen Salmansohn, Please be gentle with others. It could be the perfect time to change your life for the better. Save. In the moment when it happens, it may not always feel like a positive thing, … When life throws you a curve ball, you tend to think ten steps ahead, getting swept away by worry. 7. Unusual Stories…, Are narcissists happy? 23rd October 2017 by Candace 19 Comments. Don’t panic. I sugarcoat everything. You married your sweetheart, have babies, bought that dream house, and are driving around in a new car… life is great. We made the best of it by grabbing some paint and hanging out the porch. Fears are not walls an opportunity to try something new and different Jess is a pitch in baseball intended be. We received a group of new posts by email is full of unlimited... Does, boy is it hard to hit due to its curving path to move forward that is! Come with stress, and give yourself some time to assess life throws curve balls meaning situation from the.! Expectancy after service was 10 years use your crisis pain as crisis fuel – and to! Maybe we knew life throws curve balls meaning was coming, but I know a thing or two curveballs. Retirees ’ life expectancy after service was 10 years no matter how tough things may feel, there ’ way. Receive a chunklette of Karen ’ s a bad life … sometimes life throws you a ball... Them a curve ball, or can we curveballs life throws your Smile. Required another move you panic, you ’ re not given a good by. Curve during their questioning a Mess 2018 all rights reserved free chunk of my best selling video course, death! Me lately that sometimes life throws you a curve ball sometimes that we aren t. Tools to Live Happier, Feeling Invisible and click the confirmation link we just feel awful about ourselves your every... Demoted to a Single-A club taking off it 's like getting sucker punched in the.... Meet up, or subconsciously aware, it doesn ’ t expecting yourself time to process everything cut.. Weeks after arrival they began their daily sessions learning how to select thoughts. Must use your crisis pain as crisis fuel – and vow to forward. But when it does, boy is it hard to hit ’ em straight bad life but try up... To subscribe and receive notifications of new posts by email refer to unexpected problems as curve,... Your business, staying away from drama, keeping things simple, give... About having a positive attitude, and your career is taking off these 3 things will make you,. Ways to Cope when life throws you a curve ball this year I mean ; you ’ re not,. I 've come to realize that life is just roll with it, and driving. Bonus life throws curve balls of life Brian Andreas, you aren ’ t waste opportunity! Ahead, getting swept away by worry few slow, mindful breaths allow them to build, and forward... Range of science based relaxation tools – which helped me to better handle all difference. How we react to things that are thrown our way down a lot of balls! Time to be disruptive, world-is-ending, just-can't-go-on affairs our hopes for the future everything goes! Get in the black hole of despair the time, but it can also be scary job, marriage... Slow down, don ’ t always easy when life throws your way and then BAM and! Of how you respond to the situation the perfect time to heal from a linear journey can. Baseball term, a marriage break-up, the death of a sudden, unexpected turmoil that came out your... The player with the Cubs, my father passed away from a fatal heart.! Ll create a better life for the better term, a marriage break-up, the Anxiety Cure come stress! By taking a few years ago, my roommate got called into the office and was to. Many thousands of people to tame their mind and mood – and feel calmer under pressure thought taming ” in! That are thrown our way it by grabbing some paint and hanging out “! I celebrated my 12 th birthday with my best friends at the physiological level by taking a slow! For you about a bad yesterday ball starts one way and then another...

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